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Leading Influence is a pioneering organization that provides chaplaincy support to politicians across Canada.  They operate in 6 provincial legislatures and now in federal parliament as well.

After helping them execute a provincial prayer campaign, they engaged us to improve their brand image and refresh their website. They were finding that, because prayer campaigns in each province were branded separately and hosted on their own website, many people were not connecting with the main brand. 

This was leading to loss of potential donor support and brand confusion.


We put together a strategic plan to improve their brand clarity across all their channels, and to ensure that all events and activities were leading to improved brand awareness across the country.

Our plan included a communications audit, vision/ mission consulting, content writing and web design. All provincial website pages were consolidated into one main website.

Through the results of a stakeholder survey, we were able to refine the vision and mission of the organization to help their team to stay on-brand with their activities. We also rewrote their website content to speak directly to their target audience – politicians – rather than to donors.


Since our work they have added at least 2000 more prayer partners across Canada, added 3 new provincial chaplains, and successfully executed their first national prayer campaign with participation from over 120 churches.

Through website consolidation they have reduced the number of people required to coordinate prayer networks from 6 to 1. We also recently translated their website for French audiences, giving them increased brand equity in Quebec, Atlantic Canada and Northern areas of Ontario.

Video courtesy of Leading Influence.

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