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Homeshare Alliance

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Homesharing is a growing industry in Canada, different from time-sharing or renting properties. Homeshare Alliance was created to help match homesharers with the right housemate to fit their needs and lifestyle.

However, the marketing and website content wasn’t clearly articulating the value offer of the services and needed to be better organized so that visitors could quickly understand the value and get to the call to action. The client also wanted to focus on specific audiences and wanted the content to speak to their needs.


We put together a package that included a StoryBrand™, workshop, to refine the customer persona, as well as new content writing for the website.  We also provided a visual mockup for each webpage to help the client not only update the copy but also make changes to the layout and design to effectively communicate the value proposition and improve user flow.


The client was very pleased with the new content, and was able to quickly implement the web design changes using our visual guide.  

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