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Healthy Youth Network Flamborough

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Healthy Youth Network (HYN) is a community collaborative based in Flamborough, with the goal of helping youth to thrive.

They approached us for consulting on their website, and to help them launch a youth employment initiative. However, through our discovery process we found that a strategic planning document hadn’t been created, nor was there clarity about vision and mission, leadership roles, technical requirements for communications, stakeholder requirements or revenue generation.


We agreed to help them clear up project confusion through a series of guided, in-person strategy sessions for their team. In these sessions, we refined vision, mission, organizational structure, customer journey and external communications.


Through our process, we created a vision and mission statement, clarified leadership roles and how partners would participate in the collaborative. The team decided that they needed to step back from the employment project and gain clarity about the main brand.

They went through a rebranding process, and had us create a corporate package that they could to take new potential community partners. They have since relaunched their brand and website, and are in the process of adding more partners to increase their ability to assist marginalized youth in Flamborough.

Photos & video courtesy of Healthy Youth Network

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