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Leading up to the 2015 Federal election, ridings were redistributed across Canada due to population growth.  For long-time MP David Sweet, his former riding was recreated as Flamborough-Glanbrook, which kept only half of his old riding and added a whole new area of urban & rural communities. 

While having a positive reputation as a public servant among those already familiar with him, many new people had moved into the riding, and did not know who he was or what services were available form the local constituency office.  The website was also badly out of date.  

All of this led to a lot of confusion for citizens who needed support from the MPs office, and time spent for the office staff explaining services in-person or over the phone.


We first developed a communications strategy to help improve communication from the MPs office, focusing on core needs of constituents.  We rebuilt the constituency website, improving it’s functionality, navigation and content organization.  This helped visitors quickly understand both David’s efforts of service and the ways his office could help them.  We also filmed a series of videos over several years of service, highlighting Nation-builders in the community and communicating awareness about MP Sweet and how his office helps with issues like passports, CRA issues, border security & citizenship.


The new constituency website became a key platform to drive all online traffic to and helped alleviate confusion from the public when they did reach out to the constituency office.  As for the videos, they helped pave the way for David’s re-election and one video in particular was a Finalist in the prestigious U.S. REED Awards for political advertising.

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