Want more leads without more ad spending?

Get your sales copy working harder for you with a Clarity Refresh Package.

Is your copy selling or confusing?

No matter how pretty your website looks, it’s the power of words that converts visitors into sales leads.

Unfortunately, most websites are full of jargon, have no clear call to action, and generally make it hard for potential customers to want to buy what you’re offering.

It’s no wonder statistics show that the average landing page conversion rate across industries is only 2.35%.

Confused person

Get your copy working harder today.

With a Copy Refresh Package from Clarity, you can convert more visitors into leads without adding another cent to your marketing budget.

Plus, we can get your website copy working harder for you in less time & for less than half the average* cost of a full rebuild.

* Hubspot reports typical pricing for small business website design to be between $3,000 – $15,000

Package options

All of our packages are customized to your unique needs. 
Choose between our copy only & design-ready refresh options today.


Professional Copy Writing for Your Website
$ 1,699
  • Virtual StoryBrand™ Session
  • Customer BrandScript/Avatar
  • Copy Writing for Top 5 Pages
  • Design Recommendations


Copy Writing in a Design-Ready Format
$ 2,899
  • All Copy Items, PLUS:
  • User-flow Mapping
  • Visual Mockup of Each Page
  • Formatting for Mobile

Additional Options

More Pages

SEO Optimization

Extra BrandScripts

Full Implementation

FAST turnaround

Get your website tuned up in as little as 2-3 weeks, compared to more than 8-12+ weeks for a total rebuild.

Better Marketing Everywhere

Our Storybrand™ and copy editing services will provide you clear & persuasive content that you can use on all your marketing collateral, not just your website.

Maximize Existing Assets

Most business & non-profit websites are being under-utilized. Before investing in an expensive rebuild, let Clarity help you make better use of your existing assets.

100% Virtual

The entire process from consultation to design execution can be done remotely, keeping things safe & flexible for your and your team.

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Sometimes how words are presented on a website affect their ability to inform & persuade.  In our process, we not only consider what to say but how to present it on each page.  You can leverage our web design experience by letting us lay out exactly how your new copy can look on your website, in a format that is easy for you or another developer to implement.

The StoryBrand™ Framework is a proven method to help clarify your message and position your brand correctly as it relates to a customer’s problem.  We will walk you though this process in a guided consulting session, and use the BrandScript that we create as a blueprint for improving your web copy & design. 

We can create a custom package for large copy editing projects.  We can also edit blog articles, audio or video files as add-ons to your Web Refresh Package.

Our plans as shown do not include SEO optimization.  However, we can add basic SEO (eg. YOAST configuration for WordPress) to a custom package, or bring in an SEO/SEM specialist for robust optimization and marketing needs.

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