Get Clear.

One of the reasons organizations don’t grow or profit is because they lack defined goals and a clear process to achieve them.  Before you jump to tactics and creative, it’s crucial to have a clear plan in place to ensure all your marketing assets are working towards well-defined goals.  

If you’re not sure your branding or marketing is as clear as it needs to be, a Get Clear Consulting Package can help.

Our approach to consulting is to keep it simple, straight-forward and always relational.  We ask good and sometimes hard questions, and work to create an environment of trust so that we can get down to what is truly causing confusion and wasting your time and money.

Consulting often means addressing hard truths, and we don’t shy away from providing honest feedback because we know it is critical to your growth.  But we are solution-focused, and believe that if you’re doing something that is profitable and beneficial for others, it should be profitable for you too and enable you to grow, so you can do more of it.

Our Process

  • Assessment

    First we do our homework to ensure your business is positioned to see a positive return on investment from your development package.

  • Planning & Strategy

    Next we work with you to develop an action plan that is realistic, measurable and goal-oriented. We work collaboratively, never in isolation, so that everyone is clear on the plan and confident in the expected outcomes.

  • Design & Execution

    The final step is where we get our creative on to design and execute what you need to get your

We create custom packages for every client.  What could that look like for you?  

Here are 3 GetCLEAR package options:

Web OnlyBrandBrand &
Communications AuditExisting website copy
Customer StoryBrand™
1 Brandscript1 Brandscript3 Brandscripts
ClarityVIEW Report Snapshot PDFTeam PresentationTeam Presentation
Vision, Mission & Values
Brand Guide
Marketing Plan Development
Tagline & Positioning
Stakeholder Engagement Survey
Guided team strategy workshop(s)
Typical Price Range*up to $2,499up to $8,999up to $15,999
Avg. Time Commitment1-2 weeks4-8 weeks8-12 weeks

* plus applicable taxes

Want to add creative services or customize a package?