You have a vision.

We get rid of what's standing in the way.

Communications strategy & consulting services to help you communicate effectively, saving you time & money.

You have a vision.

We get rid of what's standing in the way.

Communications strategy & consulting services to help you communicate effectively, saving you time & money.


Are you suffering from communications gaps?

You're a senior leader with an inspiring vision & mission, or a business owner with a great product or service.

But your organization or company isn't growing like it should be. You're missing goal targets & KPIs, revenue is flat or declining, and your team is lacking clarity and unity about your development plan.

Or worse, you don't even really have a plan.

If this sounds familiar, then you have communications gaps.

These gaps are a problem because every aspect of your business or non-profit - from marketing to administration - hinges on communication.

And if you don't remove these gaps, you'll keep missing goal targets, time and money will be wasted and you'll keep being hindered from achieving your vision.


Want to check your communications clarity?

Let's get rid of those gaps.

The good news is, these gaps leave clues that can be identified & eliminated, so you can operate with clarity and efficiency.

Clarity Communications & Consulting offers a comprehensive 3-Step Process to get rid of your communication gaps.

Here's how it works.


Our team will examine the 9 core areas of your organizational communications to see where gaps & inconsistencies exist.


We then create a communications development plan based on your strategic goals, working with our partners to execute on any writing & creative needs.


You should start seeing increased productivity, less confusion & cost savings as you execute on strategy and leverage your refreshed assets.

Increase Productivity

Reach Goals Faster

Save Money

Eliminate Confusion

Increase Revenue

Who is Clarity ideal for?

Collaborative Community Projects

You lead a community collaborative with many different stakeholders and complex communications needs.

Unique Field of Work

You are a pioneering organization working in a blue ocean or lesser-known field of work.

New Organizational Structure

You are not-for-profit or social enterprise transitioning to a new operational model, requiring major internal changes.

Unclear or Drifting
Vision & Mission

You are an organization needing clarity around what you’re doing and why you exist.

Hard to Explain Value Offer

You are a business that struggles to articulate the value of what you offer.

Why Choose Clarity?

20+ Years of Communications Experience

Clarity has over 20 years of combined communications expertise. We have worked on projects for corporate level clients, as well as for small-businesses, national & local non-profits, and political campaigns at the municipal, provincial and federal level.

Certified Educators

Our team includes former adult educators certified with the Ontario College of Teachers, ensuring that our consulting & strategy sessions with your team are professional, organized and based on solid teaching principles and best practices.

Collaborative Team

We work with a number of amazing collaborators & partners so you get the best of our collective expertise, and so you don't have to have multiple contracts to manage.

Communications Strategy & Consulting to Help You Grow

Let's get started

If you're ready to get rid of your communications gaps, book a no cost consultation with us today.

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