Every organization is clear on who they are and why they do what they do.


To help you get clear on your identity and message so you can grow.



Don’t think marketing; think communication.

The Golden Rule is a good rule.

Keep it clear, simple & honest.

Tactics without a plan do squat.


Eric Ames

Meet Eric.  Eric has always been in communications.  Eric was a teacher.  Then Eric worked in politics. Now he runs Clarity with his brother.  Eric likes his sugar with coffee and cream. (yes, that was a Beastie Boys reference.)

Meet Rick.  Rick worked in Toronto.  Rick was a senior copywriter.  Rick worked at three top ad firms and won some awards.  Then Rick left to do something different.  Rick wrote a book.  He then joined his brother to start Clarity.  It is crazy sometimes but they have fun.  Rick likes quoting movies and TV shows (a lot).  

Rick Ames